BTM End of Season Presentation Details Announced

BTM End of Season Presentation Details Announced

By Robert Stones
19 June
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& Belated 50th Anniversary Celebrations too, oh yes the big Five-O!

We're happy today to announce our year group timing schedule for the clubs End of Year Presentations, which is being held in the Hall at Bedwas Rugby FC's venue Saturday 23rd July 2022. The past couple of years have been some of the most challenging for all adults, let alone all of our children more so, and to be in a position to get back into the presentation groove is a great one indeed, if a little rusty.

Before moving on to some critical presentation specific information further down the page, please read through the below.

Event(s) & Cost Use Clarity:
This season it was recently decided that we would also develop a different route than our usual, to also belatedly celebrate our 50th anniversary as well as the usual end of season presentation.

However, with a fluid set of many areas that had to be brought together, providers sourced, contacts made with 3rd party suppliers, awaiting their replies, resulting quotes with their outcomes and all in a short space of time for this year, we're having to pivot quite often.

Nevertheless, it is an important fact to note that the clubs Management Committee, as with all the year group coaches and team admins are volunteers who have their own other club related, or non-club on-going commitments of various requirements upon them, but the structure is what should have been made clearer (trying to tie both into one event advert image for example, with information ) between the two events being together, and for that we can only apologise for any confusion caused.

Regarding the costs for the entrance fee's, we of course cannot stipulate at this time every item that this would be used for at this early stage, as it is of course not until the event has concluded that we'll even be in a position to see how likely the club is to be required to subsidise a fair chunk of the overall provision fee's to stage the event and all it is planned to offer - we may have to do both from the entrance fee's and some subsidy needed, yet we've never had to do this in past events.

If we do need to subsidise the costs covering and providing various elements of the event, we can state that this would likely have an impact on the next seasons available funds, for instance especially if the Astro costs do rise which is quite possible - as all that will mean is every parent would be required to pay extra then on their child's season registration, so it is clear swings and roundabouts.

Therefore, to clarify going forward, the structure of both the days events is as follows;

1) The previous presentation structure has been set for several years to reverting to a tried and tested structure that has worked so well in previous seasons, for those that are known to the club over several years of free entry for every player of a paying adult which is £5 per Adult (also free for Coaches and Team Admins), then £1 per sibling and is the case again this year, which also includes a free food item for each player, plus their obligatory end of season trophy.

50th Celebrations:
2) It had been envisaged with an additional approach for the 50th celebrations outside at the venue, of a free entry and pay-per-use for the various food stalls, activities on the pitch to include inflatables, various stalls, games, music etc but some of these have either become unfeasible to arrange on such a grand scale with all the various 3rd party providers at such notice, or they're often already booked up due to the short notice.

Therefore, we're now planning a bit of a hybrid to the 50th celebrations, dependant upon what we can bring in, as plans take shape we will of course keep everybody updated, whilst we seek everybody's patience at this time as we cannot stipulate what isn't yet in place.

Presentation Time Slots;
Please see the attached image to find out what time your child's year group presentation slot is, or consult the below listing;

U11 10:45 - 11:30
U 8 11:45 - 12:15
U10 12:30 - 13:15

U12 Blacks 13:30 - 14:25
U12 Reds 14:40 - 15:35
U13 15:50 - 16:45
U14 17:00 - 17:55
U16 Ravens 18:10 - 19:05
U16 Bluebirds 19:20 - 20:15

We're also working hard to make it as fun day as possible throughout, beyond just your child's presentation slot but do bear with us, for various reasons we've only been able to plan once we knew the venue was secured recently, and still so very much to do in a short time frame.

So whilst we spend lots of time making all the arrangements for the activities, food and anything else we can conjure up - please do consider attending as a late morning to late afternoon event on the rugby pitch at Bedwas RFC, if at all possible.

Important - Attendance & Dietary Requirements Survey:
To this end, we'd like to gauge how many would like to attend, one or both elements of the overall event, and what dietary requirements you may have, as this will assist us in being better able to try our utmost to cater where we can on the day regarding food provision.

Fill in the Survey here as soon as possible; (If viewing on a smartphone, please remember to scroll to the right to reveal the answers you may need to select)
Attendance & Dietary Requirements Survey

Other Event Information:

Volunteers: As the plans for the day evolves, whilst currently unsure exactly how many volunteers throughout the day, or what role right now would be required, could you spare some time during the event to help out - it would be hugely appreciated? If so, we can state that no volunteer would be expected to miss their own child's presentation slot, so we'll work with all willing volunteers that come forward to make sure they're free for that time. More volunteers = a shorter requirement in time, so the more the merrier for all concerned. If you are interested in helping out for a time, please let us know by sending an email to BTM Email and we can discuss and keep you updated as things progress.

Seating: Please bring as many camping chairs or suitable other seating, or picnic blankets for seating during the day on the rugby pitch - let's hope we're blessed with good weather hey. The usual suspects such as hats for yourselves/children and of course sun cream.

Pop-up Gazebo's: Do you have a structurally sturdy pop-up gazebo that the club can use on the day, it would be much appreciated and enable us to develop the outside space much better and be a little better suited for all weathers. If so, can you please contact us on the club's main email account, which you can send your kind offer here BTM Email.

Giant Garden Games: Also, are any of our families able to provide use of any giant